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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A day at the garage sales.

If you like me your sick of hearing peoples stories about how they found the Mona Lisa at a garage sale for $2.

I had Saturday off & was already up taking my boyfriend to the airport, so now was the chance to get MY Mona Lisa & eat it too. I grabbed my bestie, and we set off into the morning at a time we would normally be in a line somewhere eating a kebab.

We headed to Brisbane's South & got to the first stop at 6.30am, which was incredibly awkward, the second which was incredibly disturbing. At this point I was hungry & wanted to have a bath in detol.
Third time was a charm, a little house in Sunnybank belonging to a quilter. It’s here I scored the above sewing box filled with treats for $5. The next few in the Logan area were very worthwhile, but as it hit around 10am that pesky bird got all the worms & it was time for these two emu’s to retire to the nest.

Going through the sewing box at the nest was surreal. I found receipts from the 90′s, a note from her daughter, every item was so unique. Thimbles from East Germany, quilting pencils dated in the 70′s from texas. This lady had passed me on a chunk of her life and it’s the nostalgia that goes with the sewing kit that Spotlight can’t put a price on.

So you thinking of channelling your inner cyclist & getting up early, well hold onto your lycra I got some tips for you.

1. Getting up early is amazing, do it!
2. Going around to sales is tiring. You will most likely only walk away with a few bits & bobs. It’s all about the experience, so chug down a coffee, grab your bff, blast some lo-fi & don’t forget the hand sanitizer.
3. Pick North or South girlfriend
4. Be prepared to feel incredibly awkward. Get your ghetto on & do a drive-by, if it doesn’t look appealing from the road, it’s not going to look appealing when your in there.
5. Go early & get that worm, but stop around 10am, by then that worm has been digested & regurgitated.
6. Look on Gumtree the night before & get the paper in the morning.
7. It’s cheap! makes thrift stores feel like the Taj Mahal
8. You gotta fight for your right, to nana nap.

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