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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buy Nothing New Month - October 2011


I remember in grade 7 I took part in the 40 hour famine, at about the 27th hour I caved, making the biggest plate of nachos known to man, I ate them so fast that they…let’s just say, they didn’t stay in my stomach for very long....

Unlike the 40 hour famine, "Buy Nothing New Month" is my kind of challenge, it's something I think I can achieve, and you probably can too.

Basically apart from food, hygiene products etc, the campaign ask you to "pledge" your commitment to buy nothing new during the month of October. It challenges you to go against the grain of mass consumerism and take the time to think about what you really need.

For example my toaster finally choked, that poor thing has been popping since the 90's and for the love of toast I needed a new one. So instead of rushing to the nearest chain store, I told my mum, she did her mother thing, and within a week a family friend gave me their old toaster for free. So now when I eat my toast I think of the toaster who I saved from landfill, the money I saved and how it's humanly possible for someone to hate Vegemite. .

Ra Ra Superstar are proud to be supporting this campaign and even prouder to say that our collections are made from recycled fabrics & our vintage is ready for its second life.

We will be blogging all month as to how you can make smarter choices, and something tells me this is going to be fun...hmmm why stop at a month, why not go the whole year! Ok settle down, let's just get through October.
We've taken the pledge to buy nothing new during October and challenge over consumption, have you?

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