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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas gifts for the little ones


When I was a little one, I remember my Aunt Rose always got me a pair of boxer shorts every year for Christmas. I would open it up amongst my pile of barbies and be like 'yayyy...another pair of boxer shorts....." move them to the side and start dealing with the more serious side of Christmas, brushing my Barbie's hair. The year would role around, all those gigantic toys would be forgotten and there I would stand next Christmas in my Aunt's boxer shorts.
At the time I didn't realise how lovely the gesture was, looking back at my childhood the 'boxer short tradition' is one I fondly remember and cherish.
What I'm trying to get at is that I don't expect my 10 year old niece & 8 year old nephew to loose control over these Pj bags I made them, but basically Aunty Cass is sick of seeing them play their wii and ds consoles, so homemade Pj bags & boxer shorts is what they will be me they will thank me one day, maybe even mention me in their blog.

You can start your own Pj tradition with the little one's in your life this year by clicking here, for a full set of instructions to making your own.

Buying for the kidlets is fun, but it's also the type of gifts that are most likely to end up in landfill by next christmas. If you dont have time to make some scary super cool Pj bags, here are some ethical & environmentally friendly gift ideas.


All products are found on "Made It" so they are all handmade in Aus & available to arrive before Christmas. Happy Shopping!

Links - Stewie, Little Man Bear, Pants, Aprons, Cushion, Hobby Horse, Soaps, Dolly Pegs.

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