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Monday, October 24, 2011

Buy Nothing New Month - Picnic Blanket


Ever since my stint in London a few years back I have been a regular park goer, and with spring well and truly here I have returned to my Sunday park ritual.

I was in desperate need for a new picnic rug as I was using my childhood crochet ‘blanky’, and the grass would get through making for one itchy picnic.
Being Buy nothing new month - I took it as a challenge and looked around to see what would make the perfect rug. I found a pile of tea towels I picked up op shopping a while ago. Hand printed in bright prints and made from a heavy duty linen they were the perfect match.

So fancy yourself a new picnic companion, just follow these easy steps to happiness.

You will need:
9 Tea towels
Sewing Machine

Pinking Shears
Backing Sheet

1. Lay out your tea towels in the order you want them to sit
2. Sew the first horizontal line together (3 top ones). Working left to right, grab the first 1st tea towel, put him on top of the 2nd facing down, so the right sides are facing into each other, sew them together on the left side.
3. Now grab the 3rd one, place him on top again, so both a right sides face into each other and sew a line down the right.
4. So now you got one line happily together forever. Repeat for the other 2 lines
5. Now you gotta connect them. Again this just involves putting 2 sets, right sides facing into each other and sewing them together . Go slow, as you want them to all line up. Don’t hesitate to use pins and go slowly if you are not confident.

Little tips
1. Right side means the side with the pictures on it (when i first started sewing this term confused me for about an hour, so just incase you didn't know)
2. The initial layout out is important to make sure everything matches up properly.
3. To tidy the seams, I used pinking shears. This stops it from fraying when washed.

*I used my picnic rug on Sunday and it was great, but my camera died so I couldn't get any pictures.

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