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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's my birthday today and what better way to spend it than with a little op shopping trip. I always find an op shop treasure hunt to be a fun and relaxing exercise... and finding all those old things with possibilities really gets your creative juices flowing. Today I was on the hunt for vintage linen, fabric and funky bric a brac. My new found passion is collecting old craft books from the 50s -70s so was on the hunt for these, seems like it's me and everyone else as they were scarce.

I visited my fave op shop first and walked out with 3 huge bags of goodies including 70s dresses, a flowery thermos which will come in handy for the Ra Ra Bazaar cake stall this Sat. In the dress up box I found myself a gorgeous 70s navy/red/white wrap skirt and a red and white 70s rayon smock dress. Perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. 

Here is my lovely stash of linens and vintage fabrics which will be used for the mountain of projects I have planned in the next few months.

Nannas handmade knitted beanies look so cute!

Something comforting about a daggy non done-up old fashioned op shop. You don't see them much anymore but whenever I find one I am always excited as these places hold history and treasures. The old ladies are always happy to say hello. It's like stepping back in time:)

My flowery thermos purchase was almost missed as it was hidden behind everything.

This pic was taken by my 5 yr old daughter right before the battery died. Can't believe how good it turned out:) 

This is just the beginning of Ra Ra blogging... we have heaps of posts planned to keep you inspired. Next up I will be posting a little tips & tricks article on the humble art of op shopping. As an avid op shopper (since before I can remember) I will attempt to share some secrets with any of you novices out there (might even give away a few secret spots)... we also have some fun sewing and remaking projects in the stay tuned:) 

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